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Upcoming! Apr 20th, 2017

We all live in a hurry, so, why would any of us wait for a page to load, or an asset to be rendered. Today we will discuss the best way to create an optimal user experience regarding speed, loading times, and without compromising the quality of the content being served. Can we have the best of both worlds? lets find out!

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Mar 23th, 2017

Software has always been related to building, we have architects, structures, foundations, etc. What if we could build a piece of code, that works as a brick and we could include it anywhere and will function the same? wouldn't that be great? This talk is about that. Angular 2 and Web Components are going to rule the web. This is your opportunity to be a cool kid, even before these topics go mainstream. Be like a hipster before it was cool to be a hipster.

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Feb 23th, 2017

Being an Entrepreneur is hard, it means going against what is pre established. On this talk we are gonna discuss about what obstacles you may face on the way and some of the tools to help you surpass them. How to start, what things to have in mind and with what surprises you might find along the way.Being an entrepreneur is not something you are, is something you feel.

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Jan 26th, 2017

Mobile Market is growing up around the world. User spend more time using their cellphones than using their old PCs, and their even older TV. There is a huge amount of options on the table on how to start developing for these flourishing platforms, and we need to know all of them to know how to choose the best to rule them all.

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January, 2017

Next year will be packed with good stuff! 2017 is looking great, and we will resume the Meetups on January. Stay hungry!

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Nov 24th, 2016

During this first session, we are going to talk about what is UX, how we think User Experience at Making Sense and how our process is. We are going to conduct an exploratory activity to better understand and learn these concepts.

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Oct 27th, 2016

User, Interface, Development, this talk will be about that. Getting things done on the frontend; tooling, frameworks, best practices, personal experiences.

WTF is Sass, Less, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Npm, PostCSS, pros and cons. We'll code a website from zero to hero, so you all can see how fast it can be done with the proper environment.

Bring your own laptop and leave the building with all the tools set up. We'll spice it up this time!

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Sep 29th, 2016

Not many people starts working as a QA in a company because they actually wanna be a tester. Most of them think that it's a previous step before being a developer.

QA is a huge and a really important area in the software development process. It offers many possible careers within the area for different likes. From those who want to write code, to those who don't want that but want to be part of the delivery process.

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Sep 1st, 2016

Collaboration from an IT perspective, why should it be adopted as an enterprise philosophy and personal work model. Some awesome collaborative tools will be considered and we will share experiences, motivation and exercises versatility.

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Aug 18th, 2016

Descripción básica sobre varios temas y herramientas que pueden servirte para tus inicios en la industria. Desde el glosario indispensable para entenderse entre colegas, hasta las herramientas más usadas y los motivos que las hacen ser las más usadas. Información invaluable para comenzar tu carrera profesional como desarrollador.

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May 31st, 2016

Introducción a los fundamentos de React, pasando por la arquitectura Flux y las principales implementaciones como redux.

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