Android &

Mobile Development

Who I am ?

I'm just a guy, sitting in front of a pc... many hours a day, for many years, and with several mental issues hehe.


  • Systems Analyst @ UTN UA MDP
  • TSP Teacher @ UTN UA MDP
  • Mobile Developer @ Home with my cats

How is Software Development Industry looking?

  • Sustained growth and currently peaking.

  • Full employment

  • International employment and low investment cost.

  • Diversified Industry

  • Constantly changing and generating opportinities.

  • Big challenges and interesting buisinesses.

  • General and specific niches.

  • Several variety of technologies, languages and platforms.


There are many workflows as people, businesses, ideas, and requirements are in the world.


You just got to find the one that fits better according to our scenario, capability and available resources.

Lonely programming (or with a few folks).

Collaborative working


For a contest.

by and for YOUR community

With the government

For third parties or clients



  • Never stop learning, taking online or presential courses, reading tutorials and looking at the official documentation.

  • Practice, practice and practice.

  • Make apps as portfolio. Use open data. Create a Development studio with friends. Have fun while you're at it!

  • Join, participate, or even organize hackathons, barcamps, talks or meetups.

  • Use freelance job portals, analyze the needs of the market.

  • Team up with other areas: Designers, Marketers, Backends, Frontends.


Makin' Money.

Bills ( and vices ) won't pay themselve. 

Android and the mobile development market bring several alternative to get an income out of our job.

Billing Methods.

  • Payed app.

  • Third party provided Ads.

  • Own Ads.

  • Suscriptions.

  • In-app purchases (free to play, pay to win)

  • Third party payed content.

  • Free. yep, free.

Issues, issues

Even though we love to code, make apps and have fun thinking solutions or solving problems, Android brings some issues to the table.


Lets talk about the elephant in the room.

Android has several versions, subversions, devices, brands, carriers, screen sizes, and settings.

Google Play


Android App and Games store is the primary distribution channel for our work but sometimes it can play against us. (get it? Play.. against us.. hehe)

Google versus


Great "G" services regular users are not used to pay for them, so.. Why would they pay for an app?

Learning Curve.

The G is trying to improve their "base" apps has made the begining of our adventures as devs a little rough.

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